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Hi! my name is ilvslaughinggor0123. because i don't know my readers that well and i'm new here, so its going to take me some time to get use to using this website. if u have any questions u can ask me, i'll be happy to answer them. :) i like to meet new people and make new friends. :)

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(Monday, Day 14) Everything was going fine at P.T.S. Each of the cadets were working really hard to pass all there courses. Fiona was still worry about Icy. They haven't spoken to her in three to four days. The rest of her teammates keeps telling Fiona that Icy would be fine. Fiona try to work on her projects and her studies while Icy went to see Do Yik Tin this morning. She met him at the Headquarters and this morning Do Yik Tin told her that she is in the Triad. Icy's new boss would be Laughing Gor. He's job for this Triad is too keepn an eye on the bars that he opened. Which includes Jordon Swing Jazz Karaoke Bar, Kit Lok Grill and Bar, Sand Wong Rock Bar, and Rain of Hard Cafe. Here's the thing that Laughing Gor doesn't like about the other Triad members, is when they are messing up his Territory. Nor does he lte his own buddies screw around in his Territory either.

***Author's Note: Territory in Laughing Gor's term is basically mean his little spot or area. He would go to alll of his resturants in his area, to see how business is doing. Of course all his buddies works in all of his resturants and they have to turn in the Money Book. Laughing Gor checks all the Money Books at the end of each year, and he would add all the money that his resturants are making, and then he'll give the total to Do Yik Tin. Each leaders and their buddies have their own little territory, but Sonny Gor loves to hang out with his buddies at Jordon Swing Jazz Karaoke Bar, and sale drugs to teens at the age of 14 and older.***

Here's the thing that Icy found out about Jun Hing, each of the members including the leaders go home during the day. They don't really come out during the day they only come out at night. Icy didn't get to do anything for that entire morning, so she decided that her fridge needs to be stock up since she didn't want to eat out every single night. That's when she went to a 7-11 store around the corner. While she was shopping for food and drinks a group of young gangsters came in. When they walked by Icy as she was getting her items she noticed they were up to no good. At first Icy didn't do anything because she wants to see what these guys were up to, so she continue to shop while the boys grabbed items off the shelfs. They took a six-pack of beer, four bags of chips, a 12-pack of soda, and four Playboy magazines. They put everything into their backpacks and each one walked calmly out the door. The Cashier didn't even do anything, she just let them walk away without paying. When Icy was done with her shopping and as she was paying for her food and drinks, she asked the Cashier why she didn't stop them as they just robbed her store.

Icy: Why did you stop them?

Cashier #1: I did once. But they threaten me if I told the cops that they stole from me.

Icy: Wouldn't your boss get upset to find out that his store has been robbed?

Cashier #1: No. He's too old to care. Beside they don't always steal from me. They only come when they run out of supplies.

Icy: Do you know which Triad they belong to?

Cashier #1: I think one of them told me that they belong to a small gang called Gordon Water Boys.

Icy: I'll go talk to these boys. How much do they owe you?

Cashier #1: Well, they robbed me five times and their total is always $9.75 (HKD). They now owe me $48.75 (HKD).

Icy: Don't worry I'll get you're money back.

Cashier #1: Thank you. Your total is $73.50 (HKD).

Icy handed the Cashier the money, took her bags of food and left the 7-11 store. When she returned to her apartment she turned on her computer and typed in Gordon Water Boys, but she couldn't find anything on them. Icy put all her food and drinks into the drawers and the fridge. Then she opened one of the Gossip News Magazine and started to read. Then she remember that she know who Gordon was and she knows where he and his buddies hang out. Icy went to Long Dragon Park, and saw the boys that stole from the 7-11 store.

Gordon: Oh my god. Hey you. :)

Icy: Your boys stole from the 7-11 store. They owe the cashier $48.75 (HKD).

Gordon: Really? Well, my boys are a little busy right now so heres $48.75 (HKD) if you have sex with me. :)

Icy: Over my dead body. -Grabbing the money-

Icy left Long Dragon Park and went back to the 7-11 store and returned the money to the cashier. Then she went home to her apartment and opened a can of Coke and a bag of chips. Then she looked at her camera and saw that Sammy has the first aid kit out in front of her. Icy went over to Sammy's apartment to give her a hand. When Sammy opened the door Icy saw that she was covered in bruises.

Sammy: Hi! What are you doing here?

Icy: I actually lived across the street, and I saw that you were home with the first aid kit in front of you. Also your bedroom window faces my apartment's living room. May I come in?

Sammy: Sure. -Stepping aside-

Icy: Why are you covering in bruises? -Coming into the apartment-

Sammy: Oh, because I'm a clumsy person. I was fixing a filing cabinet in my room and I just couldn't stop banging my body against it. :)

Icy: I see. Maybe you should get someone to help you fix that filing cabinet of yours. Do need any help cleaning up those bruises?

Sammy: No. Actually, I'm getting ready to go out. Do you mind if you leave so I can get changed?

Icy: No. -Opening the door- Have fun tonight and be more careful while you fix things. :)

Sammy: I will. Thanks. :)

Icy: You're welcome. Bye. :)

Sammy: Bye.

Icy went back to her apartment and watched Sammy put away the first aid kit and then she pulled her curtins down. Icy wants to know more about Sammy so she decided to check if she had any blog sites that she goes to. Icy found an blog site with Sammy's name on it. When Icy clicked on the blog site this is what popped up on the computer screen, "WELCOME TO SAM'S LIFE." Icy saw that everyday Sammy would post a blog for her readers and sometimes she would post photos of her and her family members. Icy clicked on the journal entries button and began reading. "ENTRY #1: TODAY, MY PARENTS GOT SO MAD AT ME BECAUSE I GOT KICKED OUT FROM SUNNY HIGH SCHOOL. JUST BECAUSE I DIDN'T GO TO MY CLASSES FOR SIX WEEKS. THEY TOLD ME IF I DON'T CLEAN UP MY ACT THEN I HAVE TO BE ON MY OWN FROM NOW ON. SO I MOVED IN WITH MY FRIEND DOLLY AND HER BOYFRIEND SAMUAL. I FEEL SO FREE TO BE AWAY FROM MY PARENTS AND MY BROTHER CHUNG LAP MAN. EVERYTIME I SEE MY BROTHER AROUND HE TRY TO ACT AS IF HE OWNS ME. HE ALWAYS WANT ME TO COME HOME WITH HIM. HE THINKS THAT FOR ME TO LIVE ON MY OWN OR WITH MY FRIENDS IS DANGEROUS. HE'S AFRAID THAT I MIGHT JOIN AN TRIAD OR SOMETHING. HE'S SUCH A WORRY WART. I WON'T JOIN AN TRIAD OR DO ANY DRUGS BECAUSE A) DRUGS ARE GROSS, AND B) JOINING A TRIAD IS STUPID. ALL THEY DO EVERYDAY IS EAT, SLEEP AND PARTY EVERY NIGHT. WELL, THAT'S ALL FOR NOW." Sammy has been updating her blog every single day for six months. Icy clicked on last night's blog entry and this is what it says, "ENTRY #100: LAST NIGHT SAMUAL BEAT UP DOLLY BECAUSE HE WAS SO DRUNK. I TRIED TO STOP HIM SO HE TURN TO ME AND BEAT ME TOO. THE THREE OF US GOT PRETTY BEATEN UP. DOLLY IN THE HOSPITAL BECAUSE OF SAMUAL BEAT HE LIKE A PUNCHING BAG. I'M JUST COVERED IN BRUISES AND OF COURSE I KICKED HHIM OUT AND TOLD HIM TO STAY AWAY FROM DOLLY. EVEN THOUGH I JOINED JUN HING FIVE MONTHS AGO I'M NOT THAT TOUGH. SONNY GOR TAKES ME TO HIS KARATE CENTER TO TOUGHEN ME UP. I'VE BEEN GOING THERE EVERY DAY TO TRAIN. SONNY GOR HAS BEEN REALLY GOOD TO ME AND HE TAKES CARE OF ME. IF IT WEREN'T FOR HIM I WOULD'VE BEEN HOMELESS. WHEN I'M DEPRESSED OR JUST NEED A PLACE TO TRAIN I GO TO SONNY GOR'S KARATE CENTER ON SUMMER ST. I GO THERE EVERY DAY FROM 3PM TO 5:30PM." Icy continue to go through Sammy's blog and found one of the photos with her parents, her brother, and herself smiling happily. There were was a caption on the bottom of the photo that says, "I LOVE MY FAMILY EVEN THOUGH SOMETIMES THEY DRIVE ME CRAZY."

Icy printed out a copy of the photo and wrote a note, then she went to the post office down the street from her apartment. She mailed the photo with a note to P.T.S. Then Icy returned to her apartment and looked up Sonny Gor's Karate Center on the computer. All she got was that the center was built in 1996 and there wasn't anything else about it. At 6pm Icy's iPhone ranged. When she looked at the caller ID and saw who it was she answered it.

Icy: Tin Gor. Hi! What can I do for you today?

Do Yik Tin: Tonight, I need you and Laughing pick up a shipment for me at Yuen Long Harbor tonight.

Icy: Understood. What time is the shipment coming in?

Do Yik Tin: Midnight. Dock 632. I've already contact Laughing and he's picking you up tonight. What is your address?

Icy: Understood. It's 234 N. Yuen Long St. Hong Kong 067145.

Do Yik Tin: Good. Thank you for giving me your address. By the way go check your mail box there is a package for you. Also if anything goes wrong tonight I want you to get rid of the delivery man for me.

Icy: Understood. You're welcome.

Do Yik Tin: Good. Bye.

Icy: Bye.

When Icy hung up the phone she went to take a shower and went to the Supermarket to buy some food. Because she can't eat junk food for dinner, breakfast, and lunch every day. Icy also likes to make home cooked meals when she is living by herself. She also bought a Rice Cooker, some forks, and a cutting board as well. When she got back to her apartment she picked up her package from her mail box. When she went into her apartment she opened her package and found an 9mm hand gun. Then she  made herself a nice home cooked meal.  Then at 11:30pm there was a knock on the door. Icy opened the door and there was Laughing Gor standing there.

Icy: Hi! :)

Laughing Gor: Yo. You ready?

Icy: Yea. -Putting her 9mm hand gun into her gun case and strapped it around her waist. Then she stepped out of her apartment and locked the door-

They got into the Laughing Gor's car and drove to Yuen Long Harbor Dock 632.

Icy: I noticed that Sammy has some bruising on her arms today.

Laughing Gor: Really. Did she tell you how she got them?

Icy: She said she got them by fixing her filing cabinet.

Laughing Gor: Hm.

They arrived at Yuen Long Harbor Dock 632 at midnight. They picked up the shipment and before they left Icy opened  the box and found a 9 inches popcorn bowl. Icy looked up at Laughing Gor and he nodded his head. She closed the box and Laughing Gor paid for the delivery man for the shipment. Then Laughing Gor and Icy got back into the car and they went to Do Yik Tin's home. ***Author's Note: The 9 inches popcorn bowl has a false bottom that Icy didn't know about. Inside that false bottom was a hearing device that Do Yik Tin order. So that he can spy on his members and make sure there isn't any moles in his Triad.***

Laughing Gor: Tin Gor, your shipment has arrived. -Handing him the 9 inches popcorn bowl-

Do Yik Tin: Hm. Thank you.

Ah Sum: Do you two want some dessert? :)

Laughing Gor: No thank you. :)

Icy: No thanks. :)

Do Yik Tin: My wife makes the best desserts. :)

Ah Sum: As long you like them then I'll make them. :)

Do Yik Tin: :) That's it for tonight. I'll call if I need anything else.

Laughing Gor and Icy: Understood. Bye.

Ah Sum and Do Yik Tin: Bye.

Laughing Gor drove Icy home. When she got back to her apartement she wrote everything in her little black notebook. "(MONDAY) TODAY, I FOUND SAMMY'S BLOG ON THE INTERNET SHE BEEN WRITING IN ER BLOG FOR THE PASS SIX MONTHS. EVERYDAY SHE GOES TO SONNY GOR'S KARATE CENTER FROM 3PM TO 5:30PM. TOMORROW I'M GOING TO CHECK OUT THE CENTER. TONIGHT, DO YIK TIN ASKED ME AND LAUGHING GOR TO PICK UP ANOTHER SHIPMENT. WE WENT TO YUEN LONG HARBOR DOCK 362. I THINK THAT'S WHERE THEY PICK UP THEIR SHIPMENTS EVERYTIME THEY ORDER SOMETHING. LAST NIGHT WE PICKED UP AN POPCORN BOWL I FOUND THAT THE BOWL HAS FALSE BOTTOM, AND INSIDE IS A LISTENING DEVICE. I THINK JUN HING MEMBERS KNOWS THAT THERE ARE UNDERCOVER AGENTS AMONG THEM. I'LL FIND OUT MORE TOMORROW." (P.T.S.) Ah Man was reading his notes, but actually he is worry about his sister. He kept reading Icy's note over and over againg he just hopes that Icy can get his sister out of this mess. He's also mad at himself for not caring for Sammy and for not being there when Sammy needed him. Every where he goes he has Sammy's picture with him. His parents are worry as well. He promise them that no matter what happens he will bring Sammy home in one piece. These pass few nights Ah Man couldn't sleep, nor could he constentrate on his assignments. Today, he actually mess up in all of his classes. Lee Sir had to give him an punishment and that punishment was to clean the entire A Cabin from top to bottom. Because of what he did in class today.

-End of Episode 14-

:heart:, ilvslaughinggor0123
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